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Porsche 997 EVT6

October 2, 2010

The Porsche 997 EVT6 is a 600 hp beast thats been tuned closer to 800 hp.0 to 100 mph in 4 sec.

Evolution MotorSports

has developed the finest tuning systems for the latest Porsche 997 Turbo. Their latest technology “VTG” turbochargers utilize a larger CAD designed / CNC machined billet aluminum compressor wheel. Their advanced design turbochargers flow more air than the stock turbochargers which yield power beyond 700 HP with pump fuel and 725 HP with race fuel.

Their complete EVT-700 system for the stock 3.6L 997 turbo engine consists of the following components:
-EVOMS Billet Wheel High Flow VTG Turbos-EVOMS Billet Aluminum Turbocharger Diverter Valves-EVOMS High Flow ClubSport Intercoolers-EVOMS Silicone Boost Hoses-EVOMS VTG Headers w/ Pyramid Merge Collector – Ceramic Coated-EVOMS 70 MM EVT-700 Exhaust System-Racing Metal High Flow Catalysts-EVOMS / SRE Street Clutch System (6-Speed Only)-EVOMSit Proprietary Software.You wont need a mechanic.What you really need is a team of scientists and engineers! NCG

Porsche 997:

2010 Porsche 996/997 “Metamorphosis” by Prior Design

Posted on 09.13.2010 17:00 by Simona
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Porsche 996/997 "Metamorphosis" by Prior Design

If you own a Porsche 996, but you’re dreaming for a 997, Prior Design is offering up the very solution to your dilemma: the Metamorphosis package that will make your 996 look like a 997.

The aesthetic package includes a new front bumper with large air intake vents, a discreet spoiler lip, a completely new PD3 bumper which houses an integrated sports exhaust system exclusive to Prior Design, and a curved set of side skirts that make the silhouette appear lowered from the side.

Once Prior Design finished up their alterations on the exterior of the Porsche, they moved on to the chassis. The chassis of the Porsche can be lowered by 30mm which, in turn, lowers the center of gravity. This chassis lowering system is exclusive to Prior Design and improves the handling characteristics of the 911. As the finishing touch to the sports car, Prior Design also fitted segmented wheels of the Prior Design forge and, according to customer specifications, classy rims that can be manufactured in any size.

We can say we are surprised that the engine for this Stuttgart Stud has been completely ignored, but engine modification is not something we have come to expect from Prior Design. They didn’t boost the power of the Porsche 911 GT3 when they played up with its characteristics with their PD3 package either. They also didn’t increase power for the Mercedes E-Class, Ford Mustang, or Audi R8 that they’ve tuned up so far this year. We do love a good power boost, but if we were to pick a car that didn’t need the extra attention in that department, one of our picks would be the Porsche

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2010 Porsche 996/997 “Metamorphosis”

porsche 996 997 metamorphosis by prior design-374367

porsche 996 997 metamorphosis by prior design-374366

Porsche 997 Turbo Posted on 04.19.2010 12:00 by Me
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Porsche 997 Turbo by Anna Bizer

A new tuner from Germany has jumped right into the world of fine tuning by focusing on a couple of well-known luxury brands. Anna Bizer currently sells tuning packages for the likes of Porsche and Bentley and decided to bring a couple of her pieces of art to the Top Marques Monaco.The first was a Porsche 997 Turbo that she endearingly calls, “Lightning”. This 997 features Gemballa exhaust tips, LSD doors, a complete body kit, and a massive rear wing. The exhaust system and 20” wheels have both been inner changed while the ECU upgrade brings 540bhp to the table. The entertainment has also been tweaked by adding an Alpine stereo with a front and rear camera.

Of course,this particular vehicle is no stranger to tuning practices. Just recently, we have reported several tuning kits for the Porsche 997 Turbo such as the ones from TechArt, SpeedART, and Mansory. Each tuning company adds a few exterior modifications such as a new spoiler and a different exhaust system while the most effective difference is the boost in power. Although we can’t say that Anna Bizer’s design is original.

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  • We can definitely say that it is striking. Nice job and good luck!NCG

    NewCarGuild  2010

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