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I can’t forget the rides of “yester” year. Even though these bad ass machines are still vivid in my memory like it was yesterday.
Who doesn’t turn there head when you hear the roar of someone’s creation screamin by you.This has to be some of the greatest cars ever built! These are the sweetest of curves, The lines  on the classic 70’s era were distinct in so that when babyboomers become adults.They will be predisposed to the beliefs of old style,and old muscle! they are becoming some of the greatest “Gearheads”  or “Motorheads” of all time!By the way I really like the new line of challengers from Dodge! New vs Old.

2010 Dodge Challenger/Hurst

2010 Dodge Challenger
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General information Price
Mechanical Wheels and tires
Performance Security
Seats Comfort and convenience
Sound system Fuel consumption
Dimensions, capacity and weight Co2 emissions

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  1. April 27, 2010 11:31 pm

    I Really Like your Site!
    The cars are simply devine! It’s the nostalgic lines of”yester year”

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